A Little Gushy

I’ve had my hands in clay and my stomach full of veggies for more than two decades. I’m obsessed with creating functional stoneware pottery, filling it with delicious vegan food and feeding those I love.  My life is filled with sweetness and I believe ‘thoughts become things’, as it turns out, over the course of 40 yrs I have stories to share and even more to be grateful for than I ever could have imagined.

The Basics

I’m an only child, born and raised in Southeastern, CT by two incredible parents. I started eating a vegetarian diet during high school. ( see my first post titled ‘and so the Detox begins…’) After graduating from the Norwich Free Academy in 1993, I spent a decade in Montreal, Canada where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, became Vegan and worked for The Jane Goodall Institute Canada. I volunteered, working with retired biomedical research chimpanzees at The Fauna Foundation and discovered my love for clay at a studio in downtown Montreal.

Fast Forward....the career

In 2002, I decided the pull of clay was stronger than anything and I moved back to CT where, with the love and support of my family and friends I opened Meiklem Kiln Works Pottery Studio. What started as a tiny studio offering pottery classes for kids and adults began its expansion in 2006 adding classes in a variety ofart mediums and in 2008 we added a yoga studio (what can I say? my selfish love of both pottery and yoga was the driving force here). Today Meiklem Kiln Works Art studio offers pottery classes, zentangle, polymer clay, watercolor, drawing, after school art classes, kids summer workshops, and more. We play host to several local artists in our onsite Gift Shop and Centerspace Wellness Studio boasts three yoga studios, and several privately rented offices which house a variety of wellness professionals. The Studio hosts two annual Art & Wellness Fairs each year and an annual Holiday Sale. It has grown a wonderful community of yogis and artists and is a cherished gathering place.

 Photo credit: Amma rhea

Photo credit: Amma rhea

Long Story Short

In the 15 yrs I’ve been a business owner I have learned a tremendous amount, built incredible relationships and dedicated countless hours to my career. In 2014 I met the love of my life and began to recognize that creating a balance between work and personal life was essential to maintaining happiness. Of course, finding a balance is easier said than done. That being said, I post new recipes and list new pots for sale as often as I can and I hope to keep in touch with my clients through both avenues as well as social media listed below!

- Lyndsay Meiklem Dean

 photo credit: amma rhea

photo credit: amma rhea

When you buy something from an artist you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. “You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul...a small piece of someone else’s life.
— author unknown