You make food with love.

Why not serve it out of pots made with love?



Beauty Meets Function

Photo Credit: Amma Rhea

Photo Credit: Amma Rhea

Our five senses gather input every time we set our eyes on delicious food. The aroma, the colors and even how it's being served can affect the flavor of our meals. Serving home made food in pottery made by hand can connect us with culture, heritage and our roots.

Serve Yourself Now

What Folks are Saying....

You don't have to take it from the Potters mouth.

"Thank you again for the wonderful weekend of good food and beautiful pottery! I was able to get so many gifts and even a few things for myself!" Bonnie Tomick

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Clay Matters

Photo credit: joe Michael

Photo credit: joe Michael

 A clay obsession is a serious matter. I've tried to self regulate with constant clay-play over the past two decades but the condition has only worsened with time. My other vice?.....Food, and not just any food, vegan food. So take a peek inside my brain and my stomach.......

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