I’d love to help YOU:

  • Assess your current website and online presence

  • Brand or re-Brand Your Business

  • Develop Pricing formulas for retail and wholesale

  • Locate your audience for Pop Up Markets

  • Create an online presence with Social Media

  • Photograph your products for print, online and marketing

  • Grow your email list

  • Implement email campaigns

  • Find professionals for accounting, book keeping, graphic design etc.

  • Play to YOUR strengths and find a balance in work and personal life


I’ve been a Potter for 20 yrs and a Business Owner for 16 yrs of those years . Throughout that time I’ve operated as a Sole Proprietor and an LLC. I’ve owned commercial and residential properties and have been a landlord for businesses and individuals. I began my business in my parent’s garage, rented and renovated a 600 sq ft studio and then purchased a property and renovated a 5,000 sq ft studio that accommodated classes, workshops, a gift shop and my personal workspace. Over the years I organized many fairs and festivals, created procedures for subcontractors, operated a consignment Gift Shop, owned and operated a Yoga and Wellness Studio, wrote curriculum and taught pottery and yoga classes. I designed and launched two websites, carried out social media campaigns, grew an online presence, built mailing lists, operated POS systems and taught myself simple graphic design techniques that I’ve used for print and online marketing materials. My pottery business and online shop has grown and I now wholesale to over 20 retailers throughout the US. Over the past year I felt a strong urge to make changes in my business and life in order to devote more time to my craft. That desire led to the decision to close the community studio, sell the commercial property and pivot to a smaller rental space creating a new business, Glaze Handmade where I exclusively make and sell my work. Downsizing has been an important part of the overall business journey and has taught me even more about organizing my workspace, simplifying my business, increasing my productivity, developing new products and finding more time to explore my own creativity.

Through the years, more than anything, I’ve been a teacher. I always told my pottery students “the Joy is in the Journey”. I’d love the opportunity to help you cultivate practical skills that can aid in your Makers Journey to find more joy in your business.

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It’s only when the user feels the presence of the hand of the potter that communication truly exists
— Warren Mackenzie