Work, Play & Inspiration

Taking time off from work and truly basking in the deliciousness of summertime is a rare thing for me but for the second year in a row now (thanks to having great help in the Studio Office), I’ve been able to take some much-needed time off. Not only have I found it important for me to get outside the walls of my workspace, but having a musician for a partner creates a sort of ready-made social outlet for me. Despite the fact that I’m usually just tagging along to gigs, helping to carry gear and sometimes taking photos for the bands, I take the opportunity to dance my tail off and I typically meet some very sweet band groupies at the venues. All in all, it’s my way of embracing a little ‘anonymity’ amongst strangers and for me, that is often the most valued part of the experience.

post 10 hearts Keeping it simple with small heart shaped bowls, great for dipping sauces, oil/vinegar emulsion and more

Running a business can get heavy at times, there are constant decisions to be made, tasks to manage, expectations to meet and it can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially while trying to be a working potter at the same time. Taking time off affords me perspective, the opportunity to be inspired, time to brainstorm new ideas and space to become re-engaged with my business and with my work. I am even more grateful that The Love of My Life also feels the need to get away and so, in August we took a few days to travel to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I spent time each summer as a child in Boothbay visiting my paternal Great Grandfather and I hadn’t been to visit since he passed away which was years ago. The ability to share not only my own memories but actual spaces with Matthew and for the two of us to create our own memories of one of my favorite places on Earth was incredibly special.

We spent time by the ocean and driving along the coastline admiring nature and the incredible views. We went in hunt of the perfect Lobster Roll (for Matthew the omnivore of course!) and even found some wonderful vegan options. We canoed, we roasted VEGAN marshmallows, we hiked the rocky coast, we took photos and visited a slew of tiny shops. (we joked that we would not need to go into any shops for at least a year after coming home!) We enjoyed spontaneity without an itinerary (which is ALSO hard for the type A in me!) and on our way out of town we stopped at a local well-known pottery Edgecomb Potters who have been known for their beautiful crystalline glazes over the years. I love admiring the work of fellow potters and the story of the husband and wife who began the business in a tiny old schoolhouse (which now functions as a gallery space, amongst other larger buildings) and seeing how they grew their business over the years was inspiring.

donut post 10 Triple Berry Glazed Vegan Potato Donut

Extending our stay, to take a drum class from an African Drummer ( the sweet and talented Sayon Camera) in Wiscasset at  Resounding Rhythms was a real treat as Matthew was a student rather than a teacher and we had the opportunity to meet quite a few people from the drumming community in Maine. You realize how small the world really is when you find a community of like-minded individuals more than 5 hrs from home and we all share friends in common. Our meandering drive back to CT took us through New Brunswick (MAINE of course!), Portland and Portsmouth, NH. The Holy Donut is a MUST in Portland where they have at least 2 VEGAN donuts each day. The most unique part is that they make their donuts with potatoes! I honestly had not eaten a donut of any kind in 20 yrs and the Triple Berry Glazed vegan donut exceeded my expectations ten-fold! (yes I’m researching a vegan potato donut recipe for a future post) and The Friendly Toast Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH had some great vegan fare, I chose the brown rice, marinated baked tofu and spinach wrap which was nothing short of Delicious!

post 10 food Delicious Brown Rice Tofu Wrap!

Despite not having our own garden we have been graced with a smorgasbord of fresh veggies from my parents garden all summer long and so upon arriving home I was craving the simplicity of simple sautéed veggies over rice (recipe is below) and my curry addiction still has a hold so I tossed in some curry powder too! Now that September has set in, I’m back to work with fresh ideas and excited to look towards two great events where I will sell my work, the first being a local Harvest Festival at the Jonathan Edwards Winery in Stonington CT October 3-4 and the second being my own Annual Studio Sale November 21-22. In an effort to keep things fresh this year I’ve also created a Sale Preview Night on November 20th (click here to purchase tickets) where the public can come and watch me unload kilns, preview sale work, watch wheel demos and tour my private work space.

Fall is my favorite season and I’m excited for what’s coming. It’s a time to embrace transition both seasonally and internally and the colors and tastes of autumn veggies is also super exciting! Stay tuned for Vegan Butternut Squash Soup, Pumpkin Muffins and more!

Summer Veggie Medley with Brown Rice

1 Small Zucchini Rough Choppedrecipe post 10

1 small yellow squash rough chopped

1 Red pepper rough chopped

2 Cubanelle Peppers rough chopped

1 Onion rough chopped

Cooked Brown Rice

2 Tsp Curry Powder of Choice (I like one that has sweet and savory spices all in one!)

Salt & Pepper to taste

2 Tbl Safflower Oil

Saute all veggies over medium heat in a shallow skillet/saucepan in oil and sprinkle with curry powder, salt & pepper. Cook until desired consistency. ( I prefer mine a bit on the crunchy side) Serve over brown rice with steamed broccoli. Would also be delicious with baked or pan fried tofu!