Pots, Practice & Presence

This week was a mixed bag of experiences. I felt joy, danced, shared delicious food (scroll through my rant to find my families home made pizza making extravaganza below) with family and friends, struggled through the stresses of running a business, made some successful pots, reflected on my life to this point and the journey ahead and so much more. I actually checked to see if it was a full moon when I woke up this morning, hoping that I could attribute some of my brain’s craziness to some external forces, but alas……it’s just me being me again. So in an effort to shift my perspective I’ve been inverting myself as much as possible this week. Yes, I mean that literally, getting upside-down in handstands and headstands are some of my best tools for shifting the energy in my own body, changing my thought patterns and MOST importantly, stepping outside of any fears.

Fear is a funny thing. My Physical Therapist taught me acronym years ago that helps re-frame the word fear for me quite nicely. False Evidence Appearing Real. I love this because it’s so TRUE! When I find myself feeling stuck or locked into a particular thought pattern or situation, (when I can REMIND myself of the acronym) I can typically get un-stuck rather quickly. It’s also helpful to get some perspective on how far I’ve come and the best way to do that is spend time with people that love me unconditionally (I mean despite my bouts with bitchyness, occasional lack of verbal filters, blatant sarcasm, bossiness and all my other amazing attributes!)

This weekend my man and I had the pleasure of our first summer pizza making parties hosted by my amazing parents. Not only are these pizza parties fun, but the food is amazing and we are not talking ordinary pizza’s here folks, we’re talking gourmet! My Mom goes all out when it comes to toppings that range from roasted garlic, pan fried potatoes, asparagus to caramelized onions and making pizza blog 5everything in between. (and for you NON vegans there are three cheese options and meat toppings too…..but who the hell needs that crap when there are so many veggies!) Mom makes her own dough and Dad tends the fire in his hand crafted backyard pizza oven. (*pause for a moment to puke rainbows if you need to get that out of your system……..)

This pizza oven was a total dream of my parents and a labor of love for my dad as you can see in his video showing the construction from start to finish! My mom constructed the hand made tiles that adorn the front and the food (they cook all kinds of food in this oven using residual leftover pizza making heat) is nothing short of 5 star worthy. Together my parents have perfected the art of home made pizza pizza oven blog 5and it’s so much fun to visit and eat together. (despite the fact that we ate ourselves into oblivion!) The oven is a few years old now but is holding up quite nicely and the tiles still clean up beautifully and endure some serious heat! The inside of this thing can get up to 1,000 degrees or more! Of course that’s too hot for pizza cooking but check out my dad’s technique for crisping up the top of the pizza before he takes it out of the oven. (this is MY vegan creation of course).

As if we hadn’t filled our bellies enough, my mom then brings out her home made blueberry mascarpone tart (which of course is not vegan but looked damn good anyway!) Always thinking of her vegan daughter, she had prepared some blueberries to top vanilla coconut milk vegan ice cream for me that was simply divine! Food continues to be the great connector for me, what’s even better is when it can be served in my own pottery (yes I made the ice cream bowl). There is nothing better than laughing, cooking, eating and conversing with loved ones. It’s the best way to practice presence, feel joy and spread love.

blueberry ice cream

Home Made Pizza

You certainly don’t need a fancy pizza oven to make awesome home made pizzas! I used to use simple oven pans and bake my pizzas. There are all kinds of store bought dough options but if you’re down for making your own dough, check out the best book for dough and breads “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day” there are some great dough options in here, look for one with low gluten content so your dough doesn’t fight with you when you try to roll it out!

Grills are also a great option for cooking pizza! Clean your grill grate and brush it with some oil then lay your stretched UNDRESSED dough onto the grill and cook until the grill side is cooked, now take it off the grill and dress the cooked side with your favorite toppings and place back on the grill and close lid to cook the other side and heat all the way through!

My favorite Toppings:

Fresh Marinara Sauce

Carmelized Onions

Red Peppers


Roasted Garlic

Grilled Asparagus

Pan Fried Potatoes

Steamed Broccoli


Have fun and leave me a comment if you have a favorite vegan topping or suggestion for home made pizza!